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Where do online cigarettes come from?

With the rising prices of over-the-counter cigarettes, habitual smokers are looking for online options. The online websites are offering better prices and discounts for bulk orders compared to retails sellers. So where do online cigarettes come from?

Not only cigarettes, but you can also get cigars, lighters, rolling tobacco, non-smoking tobacco, and other smoking accessories easily from online vendors. The trend in websites selling cigarettes is increasing every day because the governments of many countries are imposing stringent regulations against the sale of tobacco-related products. Between the EU countries, the rules for inter-European trade is smoother.

Answering the question – where do online cigarettes come from – the online vendors sell those brands that are made locally rather than imported cigarettes. So the brands available in the US will be the ones that have been manufactured and marketed in the US. Of course, the most popular brand worldwide is undoubtedly Marlboro.

You probably already have a favorite brand fixed by now. But if you are buying cigarettes through websites for the first time, it is very important to get them from reliable online vendors who are legally authorized to sell tobacco-related products. It will save you a lot of money and anguish if you know from which site to buy cigarettes rather than where do online cigarettes come from. Some of the sites are:


This is the largest online legal vendor for cigarettes, cigars, selling more than 30 brands of tobacco-related products. They also have a wide range of smoking-accessories. Their loyalty programs, referral programs, and discount coupons will make your online purchases more affordable than buying cigarettes in brick and mortar retail stores. With this website, you do not need to ask – where do online cigarettes come from.


This website sells different popular brands of cigarettes like King, Pall Mall, Winston, Newport, etc. Their prices and express-delivery offers are affordable. They have many promotional deals and discount coupons that make it worth buying cigarettes online. They also have a referral program. If you refer a friend, then you are eligible for greater discounts, making it possible to get top-quality cigarettes at cheap prices.


Is the best place to buy Marlboro, Davidoff, Dunhill, B&H, and Parliament cigarettes. They also have a full range of lighters and other smoking accessories. Their special offers, discount coupons, and bulk-order discounts are worth the price.