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Where do cigarettes get made?

If you are a habitual smoker and asking yourself where do cigarettes get made, then here’s the information. Although Germany and Poland are reportedly the highest producers of cigarettes and tobacco-related items in the world; it is countries like South Korea, Czech Republic, United States, Poland, and Lithuania whose cigarette exports are rising at a faster rate.

Through a series of privatizations, mergers, and acquisitions, the total tobacco industry worldwide has been consolidated into five major companies controlling nearly 80% of the global market for cigarettes. The answer to your question where do cigarettes get made lies in the fact that both Western and Eastern nations are involved in the manufacture, sales, and distribution of cigarettes.

The tobacco is grown in many Eastern or South American nations where the regulations are a little lax. The finished products are branded, marketed, and sold by Western giants who are only out for profits. As long as they remain within legal “safe limits”, they are free to advertise and sell cigarettes all over the world and even online. But it is more important to know how cigarettes are made rather than asking where do cigarettes get made?

When you smoke a cigarette, while it is burning, you inhale most of the ingredients, including the chemicals that have been added to make it appealing or addictive. So rather than asking the question where do cigarettes get made, maybe you should be asking how they are made. These are the ingredients you inhale when you smoke:

The filter is the holding-end of the cigarette through which you inhale the smoke. It is supposed to filter out harmful chemicals so that you don’t inhale them. But does that really work? In which case, why are there millions of people dying of lung cancer due to smoking each year?

The tipping and cigarette paper in which the tobacco mixture is rolled has small, almost-invisible holes. They are supposed to let fresh air into the cigarette as you smoke so that the chemicals get diluted and cause less harm! This contains the chemicals that you actually inhale along with the tobacco.

Tobacco paper contains the processed tobacco. While processing, menthol and sugar are added to the tobacco mixture to improve its flavor so that the cigarettes are more appealing to teenagers and youth, who develop an addiction. So don’t ask where do cigarettes get made? Instead, ask why should they ever be made when we all know how harmful they are?