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What are best lighters for cigars?

There exist so many cigar lighters to choose from that it becomes difficult to find the best cigars that are affordable. Cigar smokers need their lighter to be able to enjoy their smoke. They therefore need to pick out good quality and reliable cigar lighters. Cigars unlike cigarettes have a specific method of lighting that is not as straight forward as is the case with cigarettes. We will look below at some of the best lighters for Cigars.

Scorch Torch

The Scorch touch is an affordable and good quality torch for cigar smokers. This lighter  which is only three inches in length can hosts three flames to ensure that cigar gets toasted just right the first time. The Lighter also includes an adjustable output to help save fuel with an automatic opening cap. It also has a cigar punch tool attached to the cutter which is meant for cutting the stick.

Blazer the Torch

This lighter is a lightweight and refillable butane torch lighter. The piece has a flame temperature of up to 2,500 degrees F and a 20 minutes continuous burn time. There’s also a locking switch to help maintain a continuous flame and it comes with a detachable stand for a hands-free burning experience. It also has a visible fuel chamber that lets you know if you will need a refill soon or not. (list here)

S.T. Dupont X.tend

Dupont has a single action ignition and a single torch flame and this makes it a great choice. It equally has a contemporary design and a visible window to help keep track of the fuel level.

Moretti Churchill

The Moretti Churchill Lighter has a quad torch flame that easily and quickly lights up any cigar. It can also store large amounts of fuel for reserve. It is equally light weight with a height of only 3.5-inches and as such is easy to carry around.

Jetline New York

The JetLine New York lighter is a simple and straightforward lighter. It is refillable, has a three-torch flame and an adjustable height. The Cap also has a mirror under it to light your cigar.

Xikar Cirro High Altitude Lighter

Xikar is another popular lighter. This lighter is of great quality, beautiful and affordable. This lighter also has a windproof flame alongside a protective lid. This lighter is great for travel and for all weather .It also has an adjustment wheel and fuel window to let you know if you need a refill.

Lotus Vertigo Triple Torch

Lotus makes the most effective and most affordable lighters. This lighter is only three inches in a height and it is a great torch lighter make some of the most affordable and effective lighters around. This lighter equally has a three-torch flame and has butane level window that helps you know when you need a

Bugatti CEO

The Bugatti lighters are well known in the cigar world.  This lighter has three-torch flame and a large fuel tank. It is lightweight and also comes with a fold-out cigar punch to be used in cases where you forget to take along your cutter.

If you want to learn more about the best cigar lighters currently on the market you’ll find a more detailed description on each of these lighters here.