The Top 3 Best Cigar Cutters

Some people refer to cigar cutters as an instrument which has the ability to achieve that which is called(1), “Slice of Life”; in other words, it is very impossible for cigar lovers to survive without a cigar cutter. It is impossible to smoke without cutting your cigar into a smooth edged cigar. If you are that person who love perfectly sliced cigar, then there are some of the best cigar cutters. The best cigar cutters means, they are able to produce a perfect cut and is able to maintain its sharpness for a relatively long period of time. The type of cutter matter a lot as it also signifies class and fashion.

The Cuban Crafters Perfect Cigar Cutter

This has been argued to be the most popular cigar cutter in the modern world today. It is popular basically because its origin is Cuban crafters. It has the ability to cut an exact size of cigar away from whatever shape of cigar you have. I has a calibrated chamber where you can place your cigar and cut the right amount off the main stem. The blades are made of surgical stainless steel with is 54 gauge handle ring meaning that every finger fits is.

The Alaska Bear Double Cut

Just like the name suggests, it has double blades which enables you to cut your cigar into shape with one single press. The double blades are also made of stainless steel and they have the ability to keep sharpening themselves as they move while cutting. This is the reason why some cigar lover have argues it to the best cigar cutter in the market so far. If you are looking for a perfect cigar cutter, then try this one and experience what it can do.

The Cuban Crafters 3 Blade Scissor Cutter

It is native to Cuba and it looks like a scissor. It has three blades with three cigar holes where you can place three cigars and expect it to cut whenever you drive the scissor-like handles. Considering that it is like a scissor, it reduces that extra energy needed to cut cigars using other oval cutters. This is basically because of the fact the load is far away from the fulcrum. As far as the need for the best cigar cuter is concerned, expect great result from the Cuban crafters’ 3 blade scissor cutter at all times.

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