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Is Marijuana legal in New Zealand?

Today, you can find marijuana in almost every corner of our planet. Despite being mostly illegal, you can get it in every country, almost in every city. True, it is much easier to find it in developed countries, but some poor African and Asian countries are also lately catching up with the rest of the world.

Marijuana tourism is becoming increasingly popular and some countries have used all of its tourism-potential to attract young people who want to “relax” in this way in their holidays. Amsterdam was the first city in the world to legalize marijuana (and some other usually illegal things). It was followed by Portugal and the Czech Republic. Today, there are several countries where marijuana is legal.

The question of legalization of marijuana for medical purposes has been a burning issue for already a decade. Some countries have semi-legalized it, some have limited the amount of legal possession, while the others have strictly forbidden any kind of marijuana use. Is Marijuana Legal in New Zealand? Let’s check some facts regarding this topic.

Marijuana status and consumption in New Zealand

According to the official UN reports, in New Zealand, marijuana is consumed by 14.6% of the population on a daily basis! This places New Zealand on the list of top 10 countries in the world when it comes to marijuana consumption. However, in New Zealand, marijuana, like all other drugs, is illegal. Possession, buying, selling and consumption of marijuana is strictly forbidden and punishable.

Medical marijuana in New Zealand

Even though marijuana and all other drugs are illegal in New Zealand, there are exceptions to this rule. Medicines which contain marijuana/cannabis are legal with a licensed physician’s prescription. This rule came into force in 2016. Trends show more and more movements by different groups and organizations, as well as public opinion, especially on medical marijuana legalization. However, since the adoption of the decision on Sativex medication in 2016, there had not been any changes in the legal status of marijuana. There are rumors that a referendum on this topic might be held in 2020.

If you ask the question, is Marijuana legal in New Zealand, then the answer is marijuana is currently illegal in New Zealand. Medical marijuana is allowed only in form of one medicine. Around 14 % of people in New Zealand consume marijuana, according to the UN reports. Lately, there are movements towards medical marijuana legalization, but not before 2020.