Can you cut a cigar with your teeth?

A cigar is used for smoking. It is larger than a normal cigarette. Mostly rich people use cigar because of their cost that is higher than the cigarette. Cigar takes a large time for finish. In the world, there are many different types of cigar, because of their company, their cost and also their flavor. Cigars are available on the market come in many different sizes.

How are cigars made?

Many companies take a special type of leaf and then roll it on one another. Then these leaves are put into a covering just like a cigarette but the size is much larger. There are only three types of leaves that are used to make cigars. The wrapper is the most expensive component in a cigar. The wrapper of a cigar is also responsible for the cigar color and the flavor. The main and the largest part of the cigar is the “filler” (tobacco leaves are high in numbers). Filler is the part of cigar through which smoke emits after coming in contact with the fire. The cigar needs to be cut with a top rated cigar cutter for perfect smoking (recommended list here).

Can you cut a cigar with your teeth?

The answer to this question is very simple. There are many methods for cutting a cigar but I will discuss the cutting by teeth method. First of all take the head of cigar and put it between your teeth. If you use your front teeth it is better than using your back or middle teeth. In this process, the tooth is used as a cutter. Apply force on the cigar by using your teeth. In this way, you cut the cigar with your teeth and break through the cap of the cigar.

Effects on human body

If you are wondering can you cut a cigar with your teeth, you must know first its effects on human body. When a person inhales cigar smoke it goes in his lungs. The particle that is present in cigar smoke destroys the cell of trachea, bronchitis and alveoli. Then risk of pneumonia, bronchitis, Asthma and lungs cancer increases. But most casual cigar smokers will only ever “Bum puff” a cigar and will not draw the smoke into the lungs.

When dangerous particles of cigar smoke attach with hemoglobin this can cause circulatory problems and people also feel deficiency of oxygen. Cardiovascular cancer is also the result of cigar smoking. Cigar smoking can also  cause effects on the CNS (central nervous system) & PNS (peripheral nervous system).