Best websites on quitting smoking

Majority of smokers don’t succeed in their wish to quit smoking after the very first attempt. Most of them definitely stop after the second, third or fourth try. Relapse should not be perceived as a failure but as a chance to learn. Relapse can help the smoker detect his own limits and identify the good and bad things from the previous attempt. This is the first step towards making successful changes in smoking quitting process.

Luckily, there are lots of programs and formats available for smokers who want to quit today. These include free of charge phone lines with specialists, individual or group help programs, i.e. group rehab etc. Nowadays, there are lots of quality apps and websites which can help overcome difficult moments during the quitting period. Best websites on quitting smoking include iCanQuit, Stop Smoking Center and Smoking Facts. Let’s take a look at the features of each of these amazing pages.


This amazing Australian-based page was built by professionals including psychologists, medical doctors, psychotherapists, and ex-addicts. If you visit this site you will find lots of useful information on how to quit smoking. The website is arranged in different sections, including useful experiences shared by real people, information on a quit plan, lots of great reasons to quit and quitting methods. This is one of the best websites on quitting smoking because it is user-friendly, free-of-charge support page.

 Stop Smoking Center

This page, which definitely deserves to be listed among the best websites on quitting smoking, is divided into three sections: My Program, Community, and Tools. By creating an account and logging in, you can choose your quit program, save it and simply access it each day under the My Program section. Community section has a forum, blog, amazingly motivating Hall of Fame section, Public Pledges, as well as access to the Health Educators aid and true testimonials by ex-addicts.

Smoking Facts

This page is different from the above two. It does not really offer a quitting plan and program in a classic way, but it provides an enormous amount of support and motivation by clearly stating some striking smoking facts. Learning some of those facts will definitely be an eye-opening experience for smokers which will trigger their will to quit smoking.

In conclusion, those who are trying to quit smoking should check these three amazing best websites on quitting smoking. Websites. Some of them offer conventional, psychologist help, others are community-based, while some showcase the most eye-popping smoking facts.