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What are best lighters for cigars?

There exist so many cigar lighters to choose from that it becomes difficult to find the best cigars that are affordable. Cigar smokers need their lighter to be able to enjoy their smoke. They therefore need to pick out good quality and reliable cigar lighters. Cigars unlike cigarettes have a specific method of lighting that

What Can You Expect from the Best Online Cigar Stores?

If you are an avid smoker and would like to try out cigars from local or international brands at a fraction of the market price, online stores are the best resources to try. Find out what you can expect from the purchase process when you try to buy from the best online cigar stores. Affordable

Can you cut a cigar with your teeth?

A cigar is used for smoking. It is larger than a normal cigarette. Mostly rich people use cigar because of their cost that is higher than the cigarette. Cigar takes a large time for finish. In the world, there are many different types of cigar, because of their company, their cost and also their flavor.

The Top 3 Best Cigar Cutters

Some people refer to cigar cutters as an instrument which has the ability to achieve that which is called, “Slice of Life”; in other words, it is very impossible for cigar lovers to survive without a cigar cutter. It is impossible to smoke without cutting your cigar into a smooth edged cigar. If you are